Tony's Chocolonely

Making 100% slave-free the norm in chocolate

There is an unfair distribution of value and power in the chocolate supply chain. The chain starts with the millions of farmers that produce cocoa and ends with the billions of consumers that enjoy chocolate. But everything in between is dominated by a group of chocolate giants that profit from keeping the cocoa purchasing price as low as possible.

Right now there is slavery on cocoa farms in West Africa. This is a result of the unequally divided cocoa chain. Tony’s Chocolonely exists to change that and you can help.

Little Beans offers these delicious slave-free chocolate bars. By purchasing one of the amazing flavored Tony's bars, you help cocoa farmers get a better salary and fight slavery and child-labor..


Try now one of the amazing flavors. Besides milk chocolate and caramel/sea salt, we also offer vegan chocolate bars in pure and almond/sea salt.